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un:c(あんく)コミュニティ【押忍!!】-ニコニコミュニティ →

Un:c’s namahousou (Livestream) on ! 

コンビニ 歌ってみた(コゲ犬) →

Kogeinu covered cokesi's “Conbini” !

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"So we asked for the support of Momo-san, a very popular teen idol, uhh, with a strong influence amongst teenagers to, uhh, help them learn about proper acne care. So together, Momo-san and Clearasil can help teenagers have clear skin.”
- Matt Bell, RB Japan Marketing Executive

Just when you thought marketing can’t get any weirder, Clearasil Japan is collaborating with the Kagerou Project with Momo as their spokesperson.

Head over to to read about acne facts and why Clearasil can give you clear skin, as recommended by the Mekakushidan!

Report on Momo’s inauguration ceremony here.

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'imagine your icon as the protagonist of the last show you watched'…

『バレリーコ』を歌ってみました ▷ 620 →

620 covered MikitoP's “Ballerina Girl” !

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アナと雪の女王『Love is an Open Door』歌ってみた【ゆーひxわたあめ】 →

Yuhi & Watame covered Frozen’s “Love is an Open Door” ! 

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stop that

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