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A translation for Giga and Suzumu’s recent upload, Undead Enemy  (アンデッドエネミー) featuring Kagamine Rin. As you’d expect, the tuning and instrumentals are exceptionally catchy, so be sure to check it out!

Author’s Comment: “We’re all dancers on the palms of adults’ hands, you, I and Yoshiko too.”

Music/Arrangement: Giga
Music/Lyrics/Arrangement: Suzumu
Movie: Miwasiba
Translation: OccasionalSubs
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@neru_sleep: 記憶が曖昧だけど、金曜辺りにぶっ続けの作業で気付いたら床で死んでた時間帯があって、そのせいでめっちゃ風邪引いた。インフルエンザかってくらい熱がヤバい。誰かポカリ買ってきてくれ〜
@neru_sleep: My memory was pretty vague, and the work i did continued on to around friday, so before i noticed it i was already dying on my bed and because it’s been such a…


There’s a korean voice-acted cover for children record-

The descriptions say they’re a (probably unofficial) seiyuu team, so they’re not singers but it’s pretty good!!// The video is uploaded by the original creators!


Many Happy Returns
By lemontea

Permission was granted by the original artist to use this image.

Mekakucity V’s - Lost Time Memory Q&A with Jin


Here is yet another Q&A translation. You can read it under the cut!

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