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(人・∀・*) Kagerou Daze Chapter 27: Kuusou Forest I

Comic GENE 10月 issue (read right to left)

Manga by: Satou Mahiro

Original by: Jin (Shizen no Teki-P)

Character Designs by: Shidu, Wannyanpuu

Disclaimer: Only the scanning of the pages belong to me.

NOTE: I have…

イノコリ先生 うたってみた【スヤ】 →

Suya covered HoneyWorks's “Detained Teacher” ! ! 

◆Music Video➡

Track: Balleriko
Artist: Dazbee
398 plays


Balleriko』 - 【Dazbee

Original - MikitoP ft. GUMI

東京喰種OP「unravel」を歌ってみた足首 →

Ashikubi Covered Tokyo Ghoul’s OP song “Unravel” ! ! !

*Music Video ➡


I’m starting to see a recurring problem.

All of these were drawn by key animator Takumi Yokota, apart from Mariko Iguchi who drew the first one. It seems Takumi has a habit of drawing more… suggestive posters? Since he is responsible for the Kano pin-up and Haruka/Konoha/Kuroha poster as well.

Scans credit

VALSHE 「TRIPXTRICK」 Shop-Specific Pre-order Bonuses →


Shop-specific pre-order bonuses for VALSHE’s latest single, TRIP x TRICK! Note that some of these shops are Japan-only unless you buy via a proxy. Bonuses for Story Teller II will be in another post.

Animate Shop

  • VALSHE (real-life picture) Bromide - You get one if you buy either the Limited…
izayoi seeing (十六夜シーイング) translation


I tried translating last note.’s izayoi seeing(*^ワ^*) everything about it (the song, the lyrics, the pv, asuhi) is so beautiful I love it so much I can’t stop listening to it aaaa please do watch the pv!! if you didn’t know, this song is part of the mikagura school suite series and about imizu asuhi of the astronomy club~

video: nnd | youtube
music and lyrics: Last Note.
illust and movie: akina/明菜

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Track: unravel
Artist: イチコロ
2,066 plays


unravel - Ichikoro

Original - TK from Ling Tosite Sigure (Tokyo Ghoul OP) 

Track: 夕立のリボン
Artist: りするfeat.まいなん
518 plays


Yuudachi no Ribbon (acoustic arrange) - Risru feat. Mainan

Original - MikitoP


Last Note. uploaded Izayoi Seeing onto YouTube!

Official NND Upload